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"In 2004, I hired Christy to join the marketing department at Market Street Mortgage as a senior graphic designer. She was exceptional in that role, and when I decided to start a boutique marketing agency (Juice Marketing and Design), I asked her to join me again. At Juice, Christy was our art director during a transition period for my company, and I greatly appreciated her positivity, advanced design abilities, and skill at seeing the overall picture for both the company and our clients.

With her role at Juice, she was the liaison with our clients making communication a major component of her position, she also provided the designers with clear guidance for our clients' graphic design projects, and she personally facilitated the graphic design needed for higher-level projects. Christy's ability to lead and show empathy while ensuring each project's completion created a successful environment for our team. She is a true problem solver, motivated, and resourceful in all situations.

Christy's eye for design and knowledge of how design comes together produce a high level of creativity in all her projects. She is exceptional!" – Joyce Frustaci President/CEO, Juice Marketing

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